How Does Facebook Look On Your Resume?

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Sunday, June 29, 2008

Except you live on another planet you probably have a profile on a social networking site. The number of people who use these Internet utilities is tremendous and keeps growing day by day. Everyone knows that social networking sites are a great way to connect with new friends and keep up with old ones but what about what you do not know. Lately there has been a lot of noise about the dangers of using social networking sites, they have become an avenue for stalkers and rapists to perpetuate crimes. The center for missing and exploited children reported that 2600 crime incidents last year were committed through social networking sites or other Internet media. Today however, we are not concerned about the dangers of social networking sites, we are more concerned with how other people are utilizing social networking sites. Take a minute to imagine this scenario.
You recently applied for a job in a top company. You have a great degree, hands on experience and what have you. You are confident you will get the job and then when the letter comes you don't believe it. You didn't get the job because recruiters looked at your myspace or facebook profile. I know it sounds weird but employers are now using social networking sites to assess candidates for job positions in their company. A lot of us have stuff on internet profiles we would not want our boss to know about. How does your face book profile look on your resume? Most social networking sites provide options that ensure the privacy of your profile page. This ensures that only friends you know can view your profile page but you make newer friends on social networking sites than you would have otherwise so that option is not really foolproof. Don't be the one to be denied a job position because of your facebook profile. It happens.