Sanyo Kantona

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sanyo is one of the leading brand names in electronics and one of its latest products, a mobile phone known as the SANYO KATANA DLX definitely qualifies to be labeled as an artistic masterpiece. This phone comes in a variety of beautiful colors to choose from; which are champagne, platinum ice and pink satin. The phone also has an exquisitively shaped and sleek design and a unique reverse hinge which serves to boost the flip function. This phone also comes loaded with a powerful high resolution 1.3 mega pixel camera and it also supports AVGA resolution clips up to one hundred and twenty minutes long.
The makers of the SANYO KATANA DLX put in mind the music freaks when creating this product as the phone supports playback of MP3 and AAC music files. Memory is not a problem since the phone comes with a 128mb micro SD card which can be further upgraded to four gigabytes. Like most phones, it possesses Bluetooth connectivity and is also capable of dial up networking, v card transfer as well as wireless printing. Made exclusively for sprint networks, one can also download songs from the sprint music store and watch TV via sprint as well. Sanyo has developed a flip phone that is perfect for the working class person.