Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Monday, September 17, 2007

One of the latest revolutionary products sweeping the globe is the flat panel TV. There are now many brands of flat panel TVS but the new Toshiba regza is the product for anyone seriously interested in purchasing a flat panel TV. The Toshiba regza is a high definition flat panel LCD TV that has better things to offer than its predecessors such as the new feature known as the pixel 3G. This feature is responsible for the sharper, vibrant and natural images that one will see on any true REGZA screen. Needless to say that; this technology is the first of its kind. The REGZA comes in a beautiful and a commendable artistic design. It has a glossy black finish coupled with a unique sound strip speaker technology system that delivers first hand the true experience of home entertainment at its best.
The REGZA also has a sleek new bezel that allows you to fit a 40 inch REGZA into as small as a 37 inch cabinet. For an enhanced REGZA experience please click on the link in this post.