The Google Phone

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This year has seen many companies making their foray into new markets and diversifying their operations. Apple was the first to lead the pack with the introduction of their I Phone. Microsoft followed suit by launching the windows zune. Now a major web company we are all very familiar with is making it plain that it does not want to be left behind.You may have heard rumors about the Google phone and you may also have seen different models of what the phone could possibly look like. This post is not to confirm these rumours but to look at the Google phone in detail. Basically if there ever comes to be anything known as the Google phone, that phone will have better Internet features than any blackberry on the market because this is exactly the reason why the idea of a Google phone sprung up in the first place. Google claims that users and partners have been demanding for more Google applications on mobile phones and the Google phone was chosen as the best way to oblige Google users. Recently Sony Ericcson entered a partnership with Google to make Google search the homepage on their latest brand of mobile phones so the Google phone is simply the latest move by Google to dominate the mobile industry in the same way it has dominated the web. The Google phone is also another avenue for Google to establish itself as a major force in advertising and take on major competitors like Microsoft. Reports also indicate that Google will generate its revenue from the advertisements that will be placed on the phone. It is uncertain if the Google phone will be a success but if what we have seen from similar ideas is anything to go by then it will certainly be a flop.

  1. Pam Hoffman December 7, 2007 at 3:09 PM  

    Very thought-provoking post!

    You wrote:

    "Reports also indicate that Google will generate its revenue from the advertisements that will be placed on the phone."

    Do you know if that means that the phone itself and maybe the service would be free of charge? Someone brought that up the other day and what you just said reminded me. Seems possible...

    Pam Hoffman

    p.s. thank you for waiting on this. ;)

  2. Thomas Xavier Gilberto December 8, 2007 at 12:27 PM  

    Yeah pam thats the main idea. free service as long as you have the patience to view advertisements.
    Some ISP'S tried this same strategy once.