Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The other day I was feeling really bored and so I decided to watch a movie. I was too tired to make my way to the cinema and while toying with the options available to me, an idea occurred to me. I knew that it was possible to download movies from the Internet but with the danger of a virus infection looming I immediately brushed that thought aside. I deduced that I could watch movies online but what I was not sure of was if I could watch new releases online as well. After thinking about it for a while I decided to give it a try and so I went to google and typed in the phrase "watch movies online." After a few seconds I hit JACKPOT. Ever since that day I have discovered many more websites where you can watch DVD quality movies, currently showing movies and even yet to be released movies online. I call this the online movie industry and I believe it is most likely the big boys in hollywood don't know about it yet. Most of these movies are hosted on third party sites such as google video, you tube, tudou, and megavideo under meaningless names so most of this sites only provide links to them, however ther are quite a few such as that host these movies directly on their sites. The most amazing feauture I noticed on most of this sites is that they exist as online communities or forums and they are growing very rapidly. For instance one of the sites has an alexa ranking of 8959 which is very high. I wonder how long it will be for hollywood to start coming down on these sites or for them to be declared illegal but for now I am going to enjoy the moment while it lasts.