The New i phone, Smart and Better

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Saturday, June 21, 2008

If you had asked me what the best phone in the world was a year ago I would have told you it was between the N95 AND THE I PHONE but ask me a month later and I will tell you that it's the 3G I phone. If the first I phone took your breadth away then this one will probably make you swoon. Actually the new i phone has not changed much except for the fact that it can now support 3G and if you did not buy the first one here's the best part: it's a lot less cheaper and faster. It also includes GPS mapping, Microsoft exchange and a new application store. None of these features are new to most major mobile phones but they make the 3G iPhone more unique than before. Current I phone users can get most of these features through the new apple update so don't panic yet. The 3g iPhone will hit stores on July 11 and just like its predecessor, it's going to be exclusive to only one network At&t. We are probably going to be seeing more editions of the I phone and just as probably each one will be better than the last. It's another first from Apple and another 100 million bucks.