The Samsung Instinct

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's very rarely that one sees mind blowing phones that are available on and exclusive to the Sprint network and so when i came across the Samsung instinct I was very surprised. Now that's not the only reason I was surprised. The truth is that I had not expected the 3G i phone to have much competition when it is finally launched but as it is now we best be prepared for a nasty, long and drawn out battle. The Samsung Instinct closely resembles the I phone in terms of physical and touchscreen design but that's just as far as the similarity goes. One commendable feature is the dual battery system which means you can alternate between two battery packs at will but this does not mean the Instinct has 2 times the normal battery lifespan since actual battery life is annoyingly short. It's touch screen is quite user friendly and beats that of the I phone hands down. You also have the choice of customizing your welcome screen. The music player is top class and the phone holds 8GB of expandable memory (Micro SD) as well as an adapter for non compatible memory cards. A built in feature called Mobile Sync allows you to backup important information on the sprint network plus a web browser that operates at almost frightening speed thanks to Sprint EVDO broadband network. Thumbs up for the guys at Samsung and happy rivalry.