Open ID Comes To MySpace

Posted by Thomas Xavier Gilberto | Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two of the web's most visited websites, Digg and Myspace have announced their intention to join the Open ID Network. Open Id is a system that uses 1 user ID and password to log in to multiple sites. e.g Google and Blogger.For Digg, a popular News sharing site, Users will be able to gain access to it's rich web tools via their Facebook accounts. Myspace on the other hand plans to go along with the system that exists between AOL, Yahoo and Google. For those of you who remember, this brings back fond memories of when Microsoft tried to make its net passport the ultimate gateway to the web. I really do not see the usefulness of an open ID system, currently My login name and password are more or less the same for every site I have ever considered worthwhile to join. Maybe that explains the reason I did not notice any changes with the log in procedure for any of my web services. For the rest of you however, you may find it to be welcome news and I'll advice you to take advantage of it.